Minority For Service Providers and Agencies

Service providers and agencies can use Minority to improve, document and tailor their workflow no matter what industry they operate in.

Design studios

Design projects always come with strict deadlines and a multi-stage working process. Minority helps design studios to better organize their day-to-day activity and makes reporting to customers a simple and transparent task.

Law firm

In the hectic law industry, Minority eases the pressure inherent to law firms and provides them with an easy organization and project milestone tracking tool. No matter how complicated a project might be, law firms can now stay in touch with every little detail and communicate it with their clients.

Consulting company

Customer cases in the consulting industry have never been so straightforward and simple to monitor. Minority spares consultants the need for heavy applications and complicated project management. Simple, yet functional, the application saves both time and efforts, allowing for smooth communication and reporting process.

It works perfectly with Process and Sessions.

Minority For Production Facilities

Minority's approach to punctuality and smart work process monitoring ensures a number of beneficial uses in production facilities' routine operations.

Restaurants and food delivery

Managing and organizing the day-to-day operations in the food industry can be a chore. Deadlines are strict, the work is intensive, you have to juggle too many things at once. Minority makes things a lot simpler for you, as it allows you to analyze and optimize your workflow and resources spent. Your routine just got changed – and for the better.

Package delivery

Precision and transparency are king when it comes to package deliveries. Minority lets you narrow down on your routine delivery procedures and improves your communication with your clients. With geo-tagging and 3rd party software integrations, it is the punctual take on successful deliveries.

It works perfectly with Process, Analytic kit, Adaptive elements.

Minority For Automated Processes

It's not only people that can benefit from what Minority has to offer. You can use the applications for various automatic processes or modeling cases with the same impeccable effect.

Machine to Machine interaction

Minority is developed with a deep understanding of how machines function and their built-in algorithms. The application is suitable for any workflow based on machine interaction, and will provide you with extensive, accurate and secure reports. Never worry about falling behind on how your technology fares.

Situation modeling

A lot of businesses start with simulating a scenario to see whether an idea has the potential to come to fruition. Minority is your perfect software sidekick whenever you want to test out a new opportunity. Assign your preferred scenario and track its progress to assess your theoretical model better. Gauge your results. Take your concept to the next level and put theory into practice.

It works perfectly with process, situation modeling, adaptive elements.